​​​Lynn's Girls Books    by Lynn Marie Lusch

Children's Fiction Series

for six to nine years of age

All the books in the series are available in paperback or Kindle, on amazon.com

Lynn and Lulu

Meet Randi and Chloe! Randi is Editor of the books, and Chloe is the star of "Chloe, Where Are You?".

This is Lynn along with Lulu, the star of "Lindsey and the Christmas Puppy". All the dogs featured in the books are personal friends of Lynn's.


The Books

Lynn's Girls Books Series are short stories or mysteries surrounding seven year old Lindsey, her family, friends and puppies. These stories contain subtle lessons of positive thinking, along with a "don't give up" attitude on a child's level. Examples of the Law of Attraction are found throughout the stories which are entertaining for the child to read themselves or for someone to read aloud.

Randi and Chloe