​​​Lynn's Girls Books    by Lynn Marie Lusch

​​Wally and Daisy
Wally actually spells his name  Wall-e, but doesn't mind I changed it for the books. Daisy was a foster puppy adopted by Wall-e's family, and is now his little sister. They live in Florida with Lynn's other daughter, Tracy.

about Lynn Marie Lusch

Lynn Lusch and Editor (and real life daughter) Randi Gause

Radar and Kitty

Radar's full name is Radar Love. She was rescued from a shelter by Randi and her husband. She is a mixed breed, and loves to be outdoors! Kitty is the star of "Larry and the Christmas Cat". He lives with Radar and doesn't even know he's famous! He really does have beautiful green eyes.

Chloe and Lulu

They are Lynn's dogs adopted when they were 6 weeks old. They are real life sisters from the same litter! They are Lhasa-Poos and live in Arizona with Lynn and her husband.


I am a mother of two daughters, and a faithful student of the Positive Thinking philosophy, as well as a believer in  the Law of Attraction. It wasn't until I was in my thirties that I was introduced to and began to take part in these teachings. Fascinated with these studies, there was one question I would always ask myself when I was introduced to a new author or book on the subject; Why wasn't I taught this as a child?

This book series contains subtle messages of positive thinking, and the Law of Attraction, in a way a child will understand. A wise teacher once said, "Words don't teach, actions do". These short stories and mysteries give examples of this and are entertaining for the child to read themselves or be read to. I hope you and your children enjoy them. Thank you!

Lynn Marie Lusch


She is the newest member of Lynn's family. She was rescued by a friend of Randi's, and needed a new home. Welcome to the family Sally!