​​​Lynn's Girls Books    by Lynn Marie Lusch

Lindsey's big sister Lacey needs help with a 6th grade project. A fashion show? Starring dogs? Will this work? Great real pics of dressed up dogs. 

Mischievous Chloe, Lindsey's six month old puppy, gets out of the backyard right before a thunderstorm! Friends and neighbors, come together to help find the little pup, but the most important help is from three year old Lauren's imagination. 

This is the first book in the series, introducing all the characters.  The story is about Millie, the class hamster, escaping from her cage, and Lindsey getting the blame! Does Lindsey ever find Millie!  (Click on each book to Order)

Lindsey's little sister Lauren has to go to the hospital to have her tonsils removed. A hospital! Lindsey has never been in one, and a little worried about her sister. Grandma comes to the rescue, along with a little angel.

Lindsey loves to learn new things, but when her 2nd grade teacher challenges the students to a "big word" spelling test, the whole class is out of their comfort zone. Lindsey is determined to succeed!

Lindsey and her best friend Melissa decide to bury a time capsule in her backyard. What they don't expect is for Radar to dig one up! Whose is it and why was it buried there?

Puppies, hamsters and guinea pigs are the star of this mystery. Did Lindsey really lose Millie again?

It's Christmas and Lindsey has her heart set on a new bike, until she meets a tiny puppy at the animal shelter. Heartwarming story about the Law of Attraction and a seven year old's Christmas wish.