​​​Lynn's Girls Books    by Lynn Marie Lusch

Seven-year-old Lindsey wants to surprise her three-year-old little sister, Lauren, with her own bedtime story. 
For the first time, Lindsey has trouble writing a story.She has ideas, knows what she wants to say, but doesn't know how to say it. How does she start the story? What exactly should she say so it makes sense? 
This story gives great tips on how to compose a story on a child's level.

Lindsey has really taken on a project for herself! Reading to dogs in the animal shelter? She never thought such a simple thing would make her so happy, and the dogs too! When she tells her classmates about it, you will never guess what happens then! She also learns all about foster dogs, and how important it is to help them. Does Lindsey get a new next door neighbor? This is the biggest surprise of all! 

Email me a picture of your child reading one of Lynn's Girls Books, and you will be entered to win a paperback of your choice! The picture will be placed in the Photo Gallery!

Princess Lauren and Her Magic Wand