​​​Lynn's Girls Books    by Lynn Marie Lusch

Lindsey is being teased by the boys in her class because she is the only second grader that still has her baby front teeth! She's also in a play at school which adds to her problems. Can the dentist help?

The 2nd grade class is learning how to write thank you cards. Sounds simple? Lindsey experiences the Law of Attraction, and the magic that happens when you are grateful, and it's all by accident. Or is it?

Lindsey's entire 2nd grade class gets to pretend they have any kind of pet they want. The catch is, the pet must come to life and have a job! Every student is amazed at how their imagination is put to the test! A must read for the imaginative! A dinosaur as a pet?

Details! Lindsey never pays attention to the details! A Christmas homework assignment teaches her what she has been missing. How does a stray cat pick an owner? Everyone at the shelter finds out!

Can humans take care of a wild baby bird, and then have it return to its mom and dad? Lindsey's classmates don't believe her when she tells them about her family's situation. She doesn't like it when they think she's making things up. Based on a true incident.

Taking care of two kittens on a Saturday afternoon, how hard could this be? Lindsey and her two sisters find out the real meaning of responsibility through this adventure. (Click on each book to order)

Oh no! One of Lindsey's best friends is moving away! Maddie is worried about making new friends in a new state, and losing the ones she has now. Find out how they come together to help her.

Lacey's 6th grade class is having a cupcake competition. Lacey thinks this will be easy, until she can't think of a unique idea. Mom comes to the rescue and teaches Lacey the 'secret' to attracting new ideas.